Free local publications may soon be hard to find |

7 Sep

View Jeff Small’s interview furthering the discussion of the distribution practice of STL Distribution.

NOTE: The Indie Alliance has not been able to confirm that local businesses are responding “favorably” to the STLD proposal as STLD claims in the video. The feedback that we’ve received are from those that have rejected or have intentions of rejecting the plan if presented. We have no knowledge of any business that have accepted their contract at this time.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


One Response to “Free local publications may soon be hard to find |”

  1. Admin September 8, 2011 at 5:09 am #

    To date, the Alliance has learned of NO retailers that have accepted STLD’s offer. We have only heard of strong rejection to the plan from retailers. And, STLD had made no attempt to contact any publishers regarding their plan. This is very interesting since we, the publishers, are so “critical” to the STLD business model according to Tom Livingston’s interview above. Lee Enterprise publications such as, FEAST, The Ladue News, Rides, GO! and others, whom frankly are in direct competition with Alliance members are in fact under the same company umbrella as STLDistribution. STLD should not be determining where their competitor’s magazines can be distributed. The Alliance publications have their own indie distribution companies and are happy with them.

    The retailers also have no issue with how distribution has been handled to date in their establishments. Therefore, there is no reason to create this new distribution model STLDistribution, other than your own parent company’s (Lee Enterprises) need to corner the exposure of its own publication’s. We are not and never will be part of your revenue model.

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